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080314 National Friendship Day

Every first Sunday of August, we usually celebrate National Friendship Day. Here are a few ideas, from Little Pink Book, to help you celebrate.

iSend your friends a card, or call them and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship.
iiInvite your friends for a sleepover, and eats lot of junk food!
iii. Put together a photo album containing pictures of you and your friends doing fun things.
ivMake your friend a friendship bracelet, or buy her a necklace with both your initials to symbolize your friendship.
vGo out with your friends for dinner and a movie or a theater.
viGo on a picnic and then bike riding, hiking, ice skating, or swimming together
viiMake a CD of your mutually favorite songs.
viiiCall a radio station and dedicate a song to your friends.
ixWrite a poem about all things you like about your friend.
xGive your friends a HUG!

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