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Stay dry and safe. #marioph

Stay dry and safe. #marioph

Kuya pwede pa po ba sumali sa kada niyo?




Do you doodle?

Good news, doodlers: the next time you are caught scribbling away in a meeting or lecture, explain that you are improving your concentration. A study in UK psychology professor has shown that people who doodle have better recall. A professor asked 40 people to listen to a very dull message and write down names of people mentioned. Half were told to doodle naturally while others simply sat and listened. The doodlers were better at concentrating and recalled information. The reason is because doodling stops daydreaming and helps people pay attention. Daydreaming takes a lot of mental energy, the best thing is to concentrate on a single task, but otherwise try doodling to stop your mind wandering. 

marshall lee is love <3


I love you too. 

That’s okay, I’m used to it.
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fond of sending TAs.


Good night, everyone. 

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Happy Bethday to yey (British Accent)

Birthday mo pala? Happy birthday! :)

Happy birthday :)

Happy birthday Paulo.

082214 // 3rd birthday on tumblr, happy birthday to myself.

Huehue. #pogiproblems

Huehue. #pogiproblems

Oh, Taylor

Marry me, Taylor.

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