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Kanina habang nagprapraktis kami, may mga magaganda at pangit na bagay ang nangyari, at dahil dun nakabuo ako ng labing-isang uri ng groupmates.
  1. Leader- Sila yung laging gumagawa ng settings, time, at plan ng group. Sila yung laging may idea. Sila yung laging nasusunod kasi sila yung in-assign ng teacher.
  2. Idea Giver- sila yung mga artistic, laging may idea at plan. Sila yung laging kasama ng leader kasi lagi mutual ang iniisip nila, at pareho sila nang layunin na magkaroon ng maayos at magandang outcome. Sila yung taong lagi pinag-aagawan.
  3. Followers- Sila yung tipo ng groupmates na sunod ng sunod lang. Kahit anong sabihin ng leader okay lang, kasi minsan ayaw niya nang kumontra kasi baka magkagulo lang, o kaya naman sumusunod na lang sila kasi yun na lang ang matutulong nila.
  4. Quiet- sila yung laging present pero absent ang presence, sila yung mga nasa gilid lang at may ibang mundo. Sila yung tatanungin mo kung anong sinabi mo dahil hindi sila nakikinig. Medyo related sila sa mga Followers, dahil sinusunod lang nila yung mga sinasabi ng Leader.
  5. Late Comers- Sila yung huling dumadating, sila yung may magagandang idea kaso hindi nasusunod kasi hindi sila yung leader saka wala silang karapatan kasi nagawa na yung plano at mahirap magsimula ulit. Sila yung mga taong nasasabihan ng “Dapat kanina ka pa nandito para kanina mo pa nasabi”.
  6. Nuisance- in tagalog “asungot”, sila yung panggulo lang, sila yung mga maiingay at laging hindi sumusunod. Sila yung mga pasaway.
  7. Joker- medyo konektado sila sa mga Nuisance, pero in a funny way, sila yung mga gumagawa ng segway para magpatawa. Sila yung dahilan kung bakit entertaining, hindi boring at ang sarap panuorin ng presentation.
  8. Antagonists- ang kontrabida, sila yung laging may reklamo at against sa leader, may iba silang idea kaya ganun, o kaya naman hindi nila gusto ang idea. Ganun pa man, sila yung nakakatulong para maiayos yung presentation kasi sila ang nakakapansin ng mali at hindi magagandang bagay.
  9. Explorer- sila yung after gumala ayaw pa umuwi at gusto muna magbahay-bahay. Sila yung tumatakas sa mga gawaing bahay o kaya naman walang magawa sa bahay. 
  10. Always absent - 
    • Mga may strict na parents at laging hindi pinapayagan, dahil baka gumala lang daw ito, o kaya naman masyadong secure ang parents na baka hindi safe ang lugar na pupuntahan nito.
    • Mga tinatamad, sila yung mas gusto pang magDotA/computer kaysa pumunta sa practice, sila yung laging walang alam at walang interes sa presentation. Sila yung laging hindi alam ang partisipasyon at nag-aabsent na lang sa araw ng presentasyon.
    • Mga busy o kaya naman may excuse letter, yung mga hindi makakapunta kasi may work, may review, may pupuntahan, at iba pa. Sila yung mga text ng text ng “Sorry hindi ako makakapunta, babawi na lang ako sa susunod”. Absent man sila, nagpapakita pa rin naman sila ng interes at may natutulong parin sila sa group presentation dahil alam nila yung gagawin nila with the help of text and internet, at maaga silang pumapasok o pumunta sa araw ng presentation para paghandaan ang part nila.
  11. Rich kid- sila yung mga kaklase mong sagot ang bahay ng pagprapraktisan at ang meryanda niyo. Sila yung may mga WiFi sa bahay, at may gadget pangresearch at selfie. Sila laging sagot o nagaabuna sa mga group expenses. 


\ab*lig`u*ri”tion\ n. 
- Excessive spending on food and drink

What’s a real friend?


What’s a real friend? Someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who’s always there for you, even when times in tough. Proverbs 18:24 says that they can even stay closer than a brother. Now that’s a real friend. Friends like that are hard to find and if you worry too much about being liked by everyone, you just may settle for less. So what should you look for? Well, don’t judge by its cover. Looks what’s on the inside. Look for a friend you can trust. A friend who forgives. Someone who doesn’t hold your mistake against you. When it comes to friends, one good friend is better than a hundred fake ones. 

To find a real friend, you may have to look outside your comfort zone. They may be where you least expected, so be open-minded, branch out. Don’t just settle for a clone of yourself, potential friends good at hobbies or talents that you don’t have, it can be older or younger. They could be having a different background or culture so don’t limit yourself but remember real friends need to have good standing. Have you ever had a friend that took advantage of you? Or talk behind your back? Or spread lies about you? You deserve better than that, so watch out for toxic friends. Toxic friends care only about what they can get out of you, they tear you down because on the way you talk, and the way you look or even for your beliefs.  Real friends aren’t like that, they like you to be yourself.

See, you need to choose smart friends, not just book smart but smart in life. They’re the kind that stands for something and they show it. Proverbs 27:17 says that true friends learn from each other, just as iron sharpens iron. They even make you a better person. So how do you get a friend like that? You can’t always expect people to reach out to you; you need to take the initiative. Take the first step, and start a conversation. Wait, you do need to talk but not just about yourself, ask them questions then listen, really listen. You see, listening is one of the best gifts you can give to a friend. 

Now what, now it’s the time to put in some work, that’s right -work. You have to work to make this friendship growth. So be the kind of friend that’s loyal who doesn’t hold a grudge, be there for them and even when times get tough. When you do this your friendship will really grow. Philippians 2:4 says to keep an eye, not just on yourself but to take an interest on others, is what friendship is all about.  

You know, you can meet a lot of people in life, its up to you to choose your friends so choose wisely, choose real friends.


I often imagine how will I die.
Is there a rope in my neck?
Wounds on my arms?
Sword in my heart?
Or bullet on my head?

I often imagine how people would react to my death.
Would they be happy or sad?
Are there people who will cry for me?
Or are there people who will miss me?

I know its sad but…
This isn’t a suicidal poem
This is just a sign
That if you’re reading this
You should cherish your life
Live in the fullest
Coz you only live once.

Do you doodle?


Good news, doodlers: the next time you are caught scribbling away in a meeting or lecture, explain that you are improving your concentration. A study in UK psychology professor has shown that people who doodle have better recall. A professor asked 40 people to listen to a very dull message and write down names of people mentioned. Half were told to doodle naturally while others simply sat and listened. The doodlers were better at concentrating and recalled information. The reason is because doodling stops daydreaming and helps people pay attention. Daydreaming takes a lot of mental energy, the best thing is to concentrate on a single task, but otherwise try doodling to stop your mind wandering. 




All credit goes to - japharts

**Trigger warning**

This, literally, is dead on exactly how I feel, and probably a lot of you guys too.

if you ever wonder why I’m surprised when you call me your friend or when you say you want to hang out or when you say you miss me

It’s sad some people think like this I want to give them a hug

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Watch the gif for 30 seconds, then look at the picture! 

Astig shet


Isn’t it amazing? Cooool! 

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Daily routine


Reading books, dreaming of buying more books, wishing I had more money to buy books…you catch my drift.

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Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like. (Hey you! Chinita girl at my back)

Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like. (Hey you! Chinita girl at my back)

Sunset be like ” oh! its been a very long day”.

Sunset be like ” oh! its been a very long day”.